Philips OneBlade Replaceable blade – QP210/50

KSh 2,995

Trim, edge and shave any length of hair

Designed to cut hair, not skin

  • Trim, edge, shave
  • 1 replaceable blade
  • Fits on all OneBlade handles
Unique OneBlade technology

Unique OneBlade technology

Designed for facial styling and body grooming, the Philips OneBlade trims, edges and shaves any length of hair. It delivers an easy and comfortable shave thanks to a glide coating and rounded tips. And with a cutter that moves at 200 x per second, it's efficient even on longer hairs.

Each replaceable blade lasts 4 months

Durable Philips OneBlade that you only need to replace every 4 months* for optimal performance.


Technical Specifications

Trimming and shaving performance Shaving system
  • Contour-following technology
  • Dual protection system
Trimming system   Contour-following technology
Service Replacement head QP210, QP220 Replace every 4 months*
OneBlade replacement blade Replacement blades per package  1
Fits product type
  • OneBlade (QP25xx)
  • OneBlade (QP26xx)
  • OneBlade Pro (QP65xx)
  • OneBlade Pro (QP66xx)




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