BA Cast Iron Enameled Rnd Pot 24cm Blue-HM-BA273

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Enameled Cast Iron Pot

Round roaster made of enameled cast iron with a 3.8 liter volume, Ideal for browning, slow cooking and stylish serving of meat, fish, fruit or vegetables Energy-saving cooking in the oven and on all types of cookers including induction, Juicy and tender result due to special drop structure in the lid, Long-lasting temperature storage for cold and hot food

  • enamel, ecological and antiallergic coating
  • for frying, braising, and baking
  • high temperature resistant

This pot for special tasks that will be perfect for any type of stoves, including an induction stove. It has various uses - from cooking goulash, stuffed cabbage to baking bread and even cakes! Our solid and massive pot is a real investment. Properly maintained - oiled and maintained will serve for many years. Why? Because cast iron is a very durable and resistant material. Thanks to the enamel coating, you can easily keep the dish clean. The lid has tabs that support the proper circulation of water vapor, which makes each dish stew in its own sauce, allowing it to remain juicy and does not lose nutritional value. 


Enamel, ecological and antiallergic coating

The enamel coating is ecological and anti-allergic. In addition, it prevents the accumulation and development of bacteria, making it hygienic and does not affect the quality of dishes. The dishes are healthy and have a natural taste.


For frying, braising, and baking

Natural cast iron evenly distributes heat, so your favorite dishes do not burn.

High temperature resistant

The dish is resistant to high temperatures, so it is perfect for cooking meat and bread.


Full specification:

cast iron pot
- stainless steel handle
- the tabs on the inside of the lid support the circulation of steam
- enamel, ecological and antiallergic coating
- resistant to high temperatures
- ideal for frying and baking in the oven
- suitable for gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, and induction cookers
- not dishwasher safe
- capacity: 3.8 L
- Diameter: 24 cm, Base diameter: 19.2 cm, Weight: 4.6 kg,


*Enameled dishes may have manufacturing imperfections that are natural for this type of dishes: bulges, asymmetrical prints, etc. They do not affect the quality of the product and prepared dishes, but only emphasize their traditional method.

The enameled cast iron pot is characterized by a unique, fashionable retro look and high-quality workmanship. The pot was created for people looking for interesting solutions for the kitchen - the heart of every home, a place combining different styles, culinary tastes, generations. The classic look refers to the past era, whose icon has become, among others, the retro fridge.

Instructions for use:
1.Clean up the new dutch oven with hot water
2.Use soap if desired
3. Dry the thoroughly
4. Spread the oil evenly in every corner of the pan, lasts for 1-2 minutes, be careful not to burn your hands

How to clean and maintain
1. It is recommended to wash by hand, please wash with warm soapy water, then rinse and dry thoroughly to avoid rust
2. If necessary, use nylon pads or scrapers to remove food residues; do not use any metal tools that will scratch the oven
3. Thoroughly dry the cookware before storing

Warm Notes:
To protect the external gloss, avoid using citrus cleaners.


Bon Appetit

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