BA Vacuum Food Flask 500ML – Silver

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  • Versatile Meal Solution:
    • Ideal for office, university, school, or camping.
    • Doubles as a rice bowl when needed.
  • Multi-Functional Design:
    • Lid serves as a cup or small bowl.
    • Silicone band prevents spills.
    • Includes a stylish linen bag for easy carrying.
  • Leak-Proof and BPA-Free:
    • Lid made from 100% BPA-free polypropylene.
    • Suitable for food and soups.
    • Comes with a folding spoon for added convenience.
  • Perfect for School and Work:
    • Great for lunch breaks or long trips.
    • Suitable for outdoor adventures, office, and school use.

BA Vacuum Food Flask

Enhance Your Mealtime Experience

Say goodbye to expensive and unhealthy convenience foods with our versatile solution. Perfect for a variety of settings, whether it's the office, university, school, or camping. It's so practical that at times, you might even consider it your all-in-one rice bowl.

Multi-Functional Design

This container is designed to simplify your life. The lid doubles as a cup or small bowl, always ready to serve. The addition of a silicone band ensures a secure grip while pouring, eliminating accidental spills. Plus, it comes with a stylish and convenient linen bag with a drawstring for easy carrying.

Leak-Proof and BPA-Free

Your health and convenience matter. The lid is constructed from food-grade material, ensuring it's 100% BPA-free polypropylene. It's not just suitable for food but also ideal for holding soups. Additionally, a full-size folding spoon is cleverly tucked within the food flask, making your mealtime even more convenient.

For School, Work, and Beyond

Whether you're headed to school, work, or planning a long trip, this food container is your reliable companion. It's the perfect choice for various settings, be it the great outdoors, the office, or the classroom.

In summary, our versatile food container is designed to enhance your mealtime experience. It's practical, multi-functional, leak-proof, and safe for your health. Perfect for those on the go, whether you're a student, a professional, or an outdoor enthusiast. Enjoy convenience and healthy eating wherever you are.

Product parameters
Metal Type:Stainless Steel
Thermal Insulation Performance:24 hours
Production:Vacuum Flasks
Material:Stainless Steel
Shape:Straight Cup
FoodGlass Liner Material:Stainless Steel
Bottle Type:VacuumThermos
Material:Stainless Steel

Package List
Food Flask ×1
Pouches ×1

1.DO NOT overfill the container. Leave some space for lid and stopper to avoid overflow.
2.NO dishwashers, microwaves or oven.
3.Wash all parts before first used or after each used. Rinse all parts thoroughly and allow them dry completely.

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